The 2024 Don Johnson Memorial Cup is the Atlantic Junior B Championships. This is the 35th time the event has been held dating back to the first event held in 1982. No event was held from 1991 to 1996. The tournament is scheduled for April 23-28, 2024. The tournament will be hosted by the Mark's Mount Pearl Blades of the St. John's Junior Hockey League at the Glacier Arena in Mount Pearl, NL.

The host team plus the league playoff champions of the Island Junior Hockey League, New Brunswick Junior Hockey League, Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League, and the St. John's Junior Hockey League meet in a round robin tournament. The top four teams qualify for the semifinals with the semifinal winners meeting for the tournament championship.

Host - Mount Pearl Blades
Team PEI - Kensington Vipers
Team NB - Kent Koyotes
Team NL - St. John`s Junior Caps
Team NS - Antigonish Bulldogs
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